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    The Stretchii top is an extensible preservation closure, a revolutionary product that allows you to hygienically preserve food, whether in the refrigerator or in the freezer, replacing plastic wrap and aluminum foil. Prolong the freshness of food and keep your refrigerator and freezer free from odors! The Stretchii top is available in four sizes – S, M, L and XL – adjustable to a huge amount of foods and containers (plastic, metal or glass). Whatever the size of your Stretchii top, it is assuredly airtight and sealed.

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    Ideal for foods with a very small diameter, such as chorizo for instance, and also for preserving open bottles of wine, beer or champagne (for dimensions between 2-4 cm).

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    Stretchii S

    Suitable for preserving fruit and vegetable halves, such as of a lemon, cucumber or courgette, avoiding their rapid oxidation. Also suitable for yogurts and round cans and for keeping the fizz in any kind of soda (for dimensions between 2,5-7 cm).

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    Stretchii M

    Ideal to apply in food containers of traditional size, such as a jar of tomato pulp or a can of corn that easily oxidizes two days after opening. This top is also suitable for preserving fruit and vegetable halves, such as of an onion for instance, avoiding strong odors in the fridge (for dimensions between 6-11 cm).

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    Stretchii L

    Suitable for preserving cantaloupe or pineapple halves and also for big cans or bowls, such as leftovers of soup or a sauce (for dimensions between 7-13 cm).

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    Stretchii XL

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    Stretchii XXL

Data sheet


The stretchii top is made of 100% food friendly platinum silicone and is certified by the German LFGB and the American FDA. It maintains all of its food preservation properties.


S: 3 gr
M: 7 gr
L: 18 gr
XL: 32 gr


S: ranging from 2-4 cm
M: ranging from 2,5-7 cm
L: ranging from 6-11 cm
XL: ranging from 7-13 cm

More info

Instructions for use

Wash with warm water before first use.


It is advised not manipulate sharp metal objects and instruments that can pierce or cut the Stretchii top.

Maximum and minimum temperatures

Do not be afraid! the Stretchii top is ready to withstand temperatures ranging from -60º to 230º.


It is reusable, it can be hand washed or simply put in the dish washer.


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